Cycle Werkz  Head Porting Want   more power this is for   you                                                                                                                     It is know that most of the power is made in the heads. Along with a good cam combo you will leave the others in the dust.                                                          




                                                                                                                   WE offer both web cam and yoshimura cams From drop in cams. .                                                                                            to   customs cam grinds  we'll get you the power you want !



                                                                                              Want stock or big bore we have you covered                                               with   JE and Wiseco piston kits .


                                      Also    Stroker cranks  , carrillo and crower rods


                          Motocross and ATV  Engine packages






       Stage One 4 stroke

  Install new high performance cams & set valve clearances.    $500.00

      Stage Two

 Stage One plus ported head                                                    $750.00

     Stage Three

Stage two plus high compression piston kit                                $960.00


 Two stroke

Cylinder  porting                                                                $200.00

Head mods                                                                       $100.00 

Bottom end rebuilds, mods, and big bores

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